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Mar 16, 2015171

The Coronation


The dark-eyed damsel stared at her reflection on the brazen mirror. Her perfectly coiffed hair framed her lovely oval face. She glimpsed down at the raiment specifically picked for her. Ornate silks imported from the faraway lands of India dyed Tyrian purple by the extraction of scarce mollusks adorned her slender frame; moreover, the finest gold and costly stones embellished her from her head to her painted toes. Esther was precisely the epitome of beauty! Like every other young girl, she continued to strike several poses; however, she was interrupted by her chamberlain Hegai and her seven maidens. While a maiden rubbed aromatic Arabian spices upon her olive complexion, the dimple on her chin deepened as she smiled demurely at the variegated marble flooring.

Toward her, Hegai would never be able to maintain his usually austere demeanor. She had pleased him amongst all the other women and had acquired his benevolence. Therefore, he supplied more than that was required for her; a speedy purification of myrrh as well as other balmy fragrances, seven maidens to serve her, the foremost chamber within the house of women. He doted on her since she was his favorite. Although, she was granted to choose any garment or jewelry that she desired, Esther requested only Hegai’s choice; thus, Hegai did so with overwhelming exuberance.

Mincing to a nearby balcony, Esther peered through the chiffon draperies. Outside, ambling around the verdant courtyard against the crisp winds of the month of Tebeth, a middle aged man stroked his salt-and-pepper beard in contemplation. The man’s name was Mordecai. Mordecai had adopted his uncle’s orphan- Esther as his own daughter. Like a father, he yearned for her well-being. Daily, he paced the courtyard and inquired about what was to become of her. A single tear trickled down Esther’s cheek at the thought of the love that had encompassed her. Mordecai, was as a father unto her.

As dusk gilded the celestial skies, her feelings grew nebulous – nervous yet ecstatic. Hegai scrutinized her worried frown and mollified her. For many months, he had prepared her for this very night and had instructed her on how to conduct herself. Tonight, Esther’s turn to be presented by Hegai to the King had arrived. Hegai led her into the palatial chambers of the King of the Persian Empire and introduced her to His Highness.

“O King, live forever! I now present to you the lily of Shushan, Esther!”

As King Ahasuerus gazed up from his bed, he was immediately entranced by her as if he were cast under an enchantment. After Hegai had shut the opulent doors, the King gestured her to approach him. As she drew closer, he was baffled to perceive that she was unlike any other woman whom he had encountered; her aura enticed him. On that scintillating night, Esther was encapsulated by the intimate love of an enamored King.

Not long after, she was kneeling at the feet of King Ahasuerus as he set the royal diadem upon her head. A scrumptious banquet was held in her honor. Amongst all the other women, only she had pleased the King and had found favor and grace in his sight.


Is not the life of Esther mesmerizing? Although Esther was an orphan, Mordecai had adopted her as his own daughter. Mordecai’s act of generosity reminisces the way our heavenly Father adopted us as His own children. God the Father is meticulously bothered about our welfare. In the New Testament, Paul reveals to us:

“Having predestined us unto the adoption of children through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,”

Ephesians 1:5 (KJV)

Like King Ahasuerus, Jesus too desires an immaculate bride for Himself. Paul further discloses to us:

“That He may present to it to Himself, a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.”

Ephesians 5:27 (KJV)

Under the order of King Ahasuerus, Hegai was to purify the maidens; however, he preferred Esther to the other maidens since she pleased him and depended upon his opinion. Due to this, Hegai bountifully bestowed his largesse upon her. Additionally, he had chosen for her and mandated her with his profound knowledge of what would allure the King. Having a similar obligation to that of Hegai, the Holy Spirit is responsible to purify the Bride of Christ. Like Esther, we as the chosen Bride should seek His perfect will for our lives. If we please Him, He will elatedly purge us with the washing of the Word, rub His piquant fragrances upon us, send His angels at our every bidding, provide us the most grandeur chamber, array us in resplendent apparels, and deck us with glistering jewels. Above all, He will reveal the King of Kings unto us! Even when handed the choice, Esther preferred Hegai to opt for her. Her crucial decision enthroned her the Queen of Persia!

I beg of you to select God’s perfect will over your life rather than His permissive will. In His perfect will, we acquire His blessing; whereas, in His permissive will, we may not attain it. Within his perfect will, we receive an intimacy with Jesus deeper than that between man and woman. Only the Holy Spirit has the knowledge of what would titillate our King. His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

Queen Esther had chosen Hegai’s perfect will, would you choose the Holy Spirit’s perfect will?



Stefanie Danielle Thomas is a determined girl chasing her dreams and following God’s perfect will in her life. In addition, she strives to be both “the jack of all trades” and “the master of many”. She is quite the multitasker (a modern renaissance woman some would say) – family, friends, church, youth girls, pursuing two degrees studying in two universities, traveling, music, art, baking, cooking, writing, gym, chores, volunteering, etc.

Despite her ambitious pursuits, she seeks Christ to be her center. As a famous person once stated, “Rather than being purpose-driven, I prefer to be Presence-centered.” In whatever she does, she simply desires to radiate God’s image and glorify Him. As the Apostle Paul encourages in 1 Corinthians 10:31(b), “In whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

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  1. What a beautiful revelation! Never read anything so perfectly explained.

  2. Awesome Revelation, Danielle! Thanks for sharing it. May God reveal to you more and more.

    1. Sounds perfect Michelle! Digg seems to be a bit easier to deal with than Facebook. Facebook always wants to verify your account so you don’t use it to &#;2108manipulate„ social media and blah, blah, blah…like these web pages are something “noble” and not just time-wasting tools to use to your advantage

  3. Muy bueeeeno! Ese agotamientometro necesita distribuirse en México! Primero rogaba porque empezaran las vacaciones, ahora ruego porque regresen a clases! Se pelean, gritan, ensucian, se quieren ir de la casa, se aman, juegan, tiran, ensucian, se vuelven a pe#;Ãr&l8230eAqua­ el más cuerdo de la familia tiene 4 meses recién cumplidos y el agotamientometro da rojo sangre…

  4. Amazing. Blessed by each word

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