Our Bible Reading Program

Bible Reading Program

In 2023, we launched a bible reading program for our church family. The program encourages everyone to read the complete bible starting from the New Testament and working right through the Old Testament. We are proud of our family. We have bible readers ranging from the 4-year old Junior Church-goer to the 84 year old grandmother. With a growing demand from people plugged into our church, the bible reading program is now offered in Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi.

Everyone participating reads 2 chapters daily and completes the answer sheet which involves passages from the day’s reading. Our participants also fill in a verse that touched their heart from the day’s reading. All of this is handwritten with the intention of encouraging discipline within our church family. Since our aim is to encourage reading, incorrect answers are not marked as wrong. Instead, the correct reference is included in a small note when participants collect their bible reading. People who complete the New Testament were awarded a certificate to recognize the accomplishment.

Often believers don’t know God’s Word or what He expects out of our lives. By reading and meditating, we aim to equip our church with a better understanding of God’s expectation out of our lives. By hiding the Word in our hearts, we avoid many issues and keep ourselves strong in the faith.

If you’re interested in joining the program, reach out to our church admin.