School of Ministry

This is a ministry that imparts knowledge about divine principles, gifts of the spirit and sound Bible doctrine. It is the birthplace of personal revival that comes like showers of refreshing rain upon dry and thirsty ground. At the school you will personally encounter the Holy Spirit and the anointing – spiritual gifts are demonstrated, captives are set free, the great commission is fulfilled and lives are changed dramatically.
You will be given a proper understanding of the Word to boldly declare the truth of God in love, without hesitancy or compromise. There will be opportunities for you to participate in workshops and other activities, and understand the reality of the realms that affect and influence our lives. Erroneous teachings & beliefs will be invalidated and correct scriptural perspectives will be taught. Interactive sessions will be the norm with personal doubts and clarifications addressed either at the forum or on a one-to-one basis. Our caring teachers are there to assist you in every way they can.
This is a school rich in spiritual teachings, and we invite you to enroll and complete the course. The rewards are deeply satisfying and you will always be able to walk in victory.