26 Reasons Why UAE Is The Happiest Nation During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been ravaging through almost every nation on the globe with an alarming rise in infections and death tolls. The rulers of UAE have been highly supportive of the warriors who are fighting the invisible enemy on the frontlines in the war against this virulent virus.

The public health authorities are taking action to protect the safety and well-being of citizens, residents, and visitors. With one of the highest per-capita testing rates in the world, the UAE is leading global efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. UAE health authorities are implementing extensive preventative measures to protect public health in line with the World Health Organization’s rules and regulations.

We express our sincere gratitude towards our rulers and every person who has been working tirelessly to make sure that our cities are the happiest in the world even in the face of the pandemic.

Here are the 26 reasons which make UAE the happiest nation during COVID-19.
  1. Free state of the art medical facilities and isolation units
  2. Pledged to provide care for the families of Covid-19 deceased of all nationalities
  3. Economic stimulus packages offered by Abu Dhabi and Dubai and by the Dubai Free Zones Council
  4. People who lost their jobs to keep their visas until the end of the year 2020
  5. Expired visas will be valid till end of the year
  6. Online visa renewals
  7. UAE landlords offer three-month rent-free incentives
  8. Etisalat offers free video, voice calls for two months
  9. No price hikes on essentials, medicines and masks
  10. City-wide sterilization drives
  11. Drive through Covid-19 screening
  12. Rapid Covid-19 blood tests – Emirates was the first airline to conduct such tests
  1. Free parking extended during sterilisation drive
  2. UAE banks to suspend, reschedule loan EMIs
  3. 10 percent discount on electricity bills
  4. Dubai to cut property service charges in 2020
  1. Smart move permit issued and sent to your phone
  2. Walk through sterilization chambers
  3. Online vehicle registration renewals
  4. UAE schools and colleges announce fee cuts
  5. Abu Dhabi road toll exemption till end of 2020
  6. 50 percent discount on Dubai Taxi and free public bus rides
  7. Free food and grocery distribution
  8. Drones disinfect Dubai in Sterilisation Program
  9. Smart cameras and radars to enforce lockdown
  10. Dubai Police use smart helmet for thermal screening