General Overseer Rev. Dr. Ashish & Rev. Dr. Rekha


General Overseer Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas

Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas is the General Overseer of The Dubai City Church. He is a dynamic and gifted teacher who has been endowed with the ability to communicate God’s Word clearly, powerfully and passionately to the Body of Christ and is a blessing to many, in nations around the world. His teachings are rich, revealing and insightful and chart a perfect course between the contemporary and the ageless truth of the scriptures. The relevance of his teachings in the world of today are “classics” in their own right and are capable of bringing about a spiritual awakening and transformation in the lives of the listeners.

Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas has been involved in ministry from the very early age of fourteen and was part of the New Life Fellowship in the city of Mumbai, India, where he grew up. He graduated from the International Seminary in Florida, USA and later served as an Honorary Professor in the Faculty of the International Institute of Theological Studies. Later, his life was transformed after a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit in January 1994 and since then he has been preaching and teaching in different parts of the world. He works together with many of the local churches and international ministries endeavoring to keep the unity in the body of Christ. He is also involved in conducting various international seminars and crusades around the world. He lives in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates together with his wife Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Rekha Thomas and their three daughters.

In the secular field he has left an indelible mark in the annals of various sports brands in the Middle East. He is an authority and an expert in the sporting goods industry. Under his tenure as Regional Manager for Reebok Middle East, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, the brand grew phenomenally. His God-given development strategies catapulted the company to unparalleled success and surpassed the financial budgets for the entire region, year after year. His dedication and hard work saw the brand rise from being number four to number one in the Middle East in a short span of time and the business increased unprecedentedly with him at the helm. It was through his time spent with God that he established new concepts for sports retailing for the first time in the Middle East region and thus established Reebok as a strong retail presence in the Gulf as well as different regions of Asia. He was also instrumental in establishing innovative and creative loyalty programs and building a strong customer base regionally for Reebok. In recognition of his excellence and as a mark of honour and appreciation the company awarded him the “Regional Excellence Award” at the Reebok International Global Summit in 1999 as well as the “Making a Difference Award” at the Reebok International President’s Award Ceremony in 1997.

In the burgeoning Middle East market, he remained a towering force in his field of Sales and Marketing and established and managed other premier footwear brands in addition to Reebok, like Skechers and Dr. Marten’s. He was also on the management of various companies like Healthlines Middle East, Sun and Sand Sports, Emirates Sports etc. and his contribution and the range of his skills made significant inroads into propelling these companies as real-time players in the sporting goods industry in the region.

Among the plethora of awards in his illustrious career is the “Distinguished Leadership Award” which was presented at the American Biographical Institute in 1999, and “The Appreciation Award” at the Healthlines Middle East Director’s Award Ceremony in 1997. He has also excelled as a management consultant and a trainer and is now using his working experience to help others grow and prosper.

His entrepreneurial skills have led him to open his own businesses, and together with his wife Rev. Dr. Rekha Thomas, they run successful and blessed enterprises in the Middle East and other parts of the world. They also dedicate their time and effort in having a ministry that is truly growing big people for God. At the heart of this endeavor of his teachings is the simple need that Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas has, to reach out to people and translate his years of experience into tangible insights obtained through hours spent with God and his own personal experiences in the arena of the business world and life. The longing of his heart is to see God’s people prosper in the places and positions that God has appointed for them.


Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Rekha Thomas

Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Rekha Thomas is a bold and dynamic woman. Her life was transformed in a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit in the middle of 1994. God uses her powerfully in the gifts of prophecy and the discernment of spirits. She is also a gifted teacher, having been taught many truths personally by the Spirit.

She stands alongside her husband Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas, strengthening and encouraging the body of Christ. She mainly concentrates on the finer details of the ministry and lives of people. She has been the backbone in setting up The Dubai City Church. The schools, churches and crusades have come into being because of her perseverance and administrative skills.

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