The Atomic Principle

This is a great move of God revealed by the Holy Spirit for The Dubai City Church to walk into the abundant life and promises of God. The Atomic Principle is a unique strategy of praying together in pairs to see miracles and breakthroughs happening in the Church of God.
It also includes church members meeting together in Atoms i.e., small groups for fellowship and prayer for each other’s needs and the needs of others. This not only fosters a feeling of oneness and unity, but throws open the doors to friendships, love and a feeling of being cared for by an extended family. It is a place where through prayer, personal breakthroughs are fought for, where God’s love is established and where His power and deliverance is manifested.
Magnificent testimonies of deliverance prove the Atomic Principle and are testified every week at the church service. It is a place of prayer with victory being at it’s heart, for God has said that “That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. – Matt 18:19
It is a powerful principle given by our Lord Himself, packed with promises of power and deliverance, of warfare and victory, of freedom and abundance and most incredibly, partnering with another which brings you to a place where the never-ceasing, pure and wonderful presence of God can be experienced.
The Dubai City Church believes in anchoring it’s people through fellowship, friendship and prayer till they are strong in the Word and firmly planted in the house of God. The Atomic Principle has a vital role to play in this growth and takes people to a higher level of maturity in the Lord, and enables them to be blessed and in turn be a blessing to those whose lives they touch.
We encourage all our members to be housed under the protective covering of an Atom and to be part of the two-by-two principle, in order that you can walk in victory and freedom. For more details, kindly contact our help desk to guide you to an Atom suitable to you.
If you want to be part of an Atom or would like to know more about this powerful and unique principle, write to us at