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Great things, it is said, always has its origins in humble beginnings. So it was, with The Dubai City Church. It started out in early 1999 when a small group of twenty-odd people from different backgrounds began meeting at the house of Rev. Dr. Rekha Thomas, every week for a time of prayer & fellowship. Thus, The Dubai City Church, UAE was born.

Depending on God at every stage of their walk, the leaders slowly began shepherding the church. It has now grown to services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as for the Russian congregation in the UAE. Collectively the regular members have grown to over seven hundred and in the year 2007, the Dubai City Church also launched out into Sydney Australia with the Sydney City Church.

The Dubai City Church was built for God’s service and we stand as a testimony to all, that we have seen God’s awesome power being manifested at our services. His grace has brought deliverance, souls are being saved and the echo’s of revival resonate all around us every day. We invite you to go through the pages of this website and learn more about our activities and the marvelous way in which the Holy Spirit is working in using the Dubai City Church for God’s glory.

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