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Joseph Business School


It is a training program for Christians who are called to be entrepreneurs. It helps them to start and operate profitable and successful businesses using Biblical and practical principles, and to empower them to release God’s anointing so they will prosper and establish God’s Kingdom on earth. This is being done in collaboration with Pastor Bill Winston who is the founder and president of the Joseph Business School in Illinois, U.S.A.

Joseph, in the Bible, was a man called by God to excel in business and administration. From the prison cell to the palace, God made him prosper at every rung on the ladder of success. Eventually, he was elevated to a ruler in Egypt. The wisdom God gave Joseph then is still relevant today and can be used effectively by us to help careers prosper as well.The senior pastors, being accomplished business leaders themselves, impart valuable advice to individuals aspiring to start-up their own business as well as established business folk who desire to see more prosperity.

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