Weekly Highlights

Faith is Now

Dubai City Church Mar,2017 Week 2

Last Thursday, Pastor Eric Hamp brought out God’s strong Word on “NOW FAITH’. Faith has to be activated in the ‘now’, if we want to see God’s Word manifest in our lives. He explained how our current situation does not determine our divine destiny. When we serve God with all our heart, trust and believe what He says will come to pass, God will take us places we never dreamed of.

Seeder or Hoarder?

Dubai City Church Mar,2017 Week 1

Last Thursday, Pastor Ian Hendricks challenged us with the question “Do you want to be a Seeder or a Hoarder? The principle of sowing and reaping applies to everyone. What we sow we will reap! Galatians 6:7. Each of us desire a great harvest. If we desire a good harvest we need to sow in good soil wisely, consistently, and generously.

Empty Vessels

Dubai City Church Feb,2017 Week 4

Last Thursday, Pastor Saji Jacob shared the Word and encouraged us to yield ourselves completely to God so that He can make us vessels worthy of honor. God has called us to be clean and empty vessels for Him in whom He can pour His Spirit and show forth His glory! Even as we yield ourselves to Him, He will cleanse, mold, and transform us to be the people He has called us to be. If we do not yield ourselves completely to God, we will hinder ourselves from being what He created us to be and be used by God in the way He intends to use us.

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