Weekly Highlights

Preparing to be Established – 4

Dubai City Church Mar,2018 Week 3

Last Thursday, Senior Pastor Rekha Thomas shared the powerful Word on how we should
prepare ourselves to be established. The journey of the children of Israel through the
wilderness was a time of preparation for them to be established in the promised land.

Steps to your next victory

Dubai City Church Mar,2018 Week 2

Last Thursday, our Senior Pastor, Rev Ashish Thomas, gave us powerful guidelines on taking steps and moving into our next victory. We need to get God’s perspective concerning every matter of our lives and move in alignment with it. For remembering God’s promises and purposes for our lives, “memorials” are important

Wisdom of Ages

Dubai City Church Mar,2018 Week 1

Last Thursday, Pastor Dennis Oommen shared about the importance of seeking and
walking in Godly wisdom, totally committed to the things of God.

Service timing

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