Weekly Highlights

Power in Reverence – Handling Hurt – Part 14

Dubai City Church Dec,2017 Week 2

Last Thursday, our Senior Pastor Rev Ashish Thomas continued to teach us the
importance of handling hurt. Undealt hurt can become the root cause of irreverence. We
need to keep our hearts right and maintain a reverential attitude always. Reverence is
the key to receive the good things that God has for us.

Power in Reverence – Understanding Hurt – Part 12

Dubai City Church Nov,2017 Week 5

Last Thursday, our Senior Pastor Rev Ashish Thomas made us understand how undealt hurt can
affect reverence. It is important for us to have an attitude of reverence because reverence helps us
receive the good things in life. We can do well in life if we are able to overlook hurts, love and
revere those God puts in our lives.

Message from Pastor Bill Willson

Dubai City Church Nov,2017 Week 3

Last Thursday Pastor Bill Willson shared about the importance of staying strong in the love
and grace of God, and being committed to do what God has called us to do no matter what.
When God enters into a person’s life, things change.

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