Dara Peter

Dara Peter was suffering from sleepless nights and waking up tired in the mornings with his eyes swollen up. He wanted to meet Pastor for prayers but amazingly during that service, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas himself called this condition out. Peter gives God glory that since that day his sleep ...

Mercy Koshy

Mercy was diagnosed with blood clot in her uterus and a surgery was scheduled to have it removed after a week. She took a hold of the revelation on the cup of blessings shared by our Pastors and part took of it every day even if sometimes she had to do it alone. At the end of the week, she went for ...

Mr. Christopher

This testimony goes back to December of 2013 when Christopher suffered a serious stomach disorder. He was diagnosed for Acid Reflux and given a 3-month course of medication which he faithfully followed. His dependence on medicines grew and he even found relief albeit temporarily. He started developing ...

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