Francis and Elizabeth

Francis & Elizabeth have a business in UAE. Couple of months ago they were declined visas for new employees. This was due to an outstanding traffic fine owed by one of their ex-employees who had left them over 2 years ago. The amount was significant and unless they cleared it, new visas wouldn’t ...

Daniel Rock

This is a fairly recent testimony: Daniel here was suffering from a throat infection for 4 days and also had fever one Thursday. It became very uncomfortable, so he went to the doctor before coming to church. But the clinic was full and if he waited, he would’ve missed the service. So he decided ...

Linda Abraham

Linda misplaced her old passport with a valid US visa last year. She needed to file a police report, if she wanted the U.S. visa stamp without her old passport, but couldn’t get around doing that either. She kept asking the Lord where her passport was and sincerely looked for it every day. Last ...

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2015 Year of Exaltation & Elevation.
"Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name. " Philippians 2:9