Lyra  Monteiro

Lyra is grateful to God for His mercies and she thanks our Pastors for their prayers, guidance and blessings.• After 7 years in Dubai, she overcame lack of funds and the phobia of driving and got her driving license.• She had a specific car in mind and was asking God for His will – to ...

Grace  Kotum

Grace thanks God for the wonderful WOW meetings led by our Senior Pastor Rekha Thomas. Obeying simple instructions such as praying in tongues for an hour, writing down what we read from the Word, asking God for wisdom and discernment daily and several such gems have caused her to find immense favor ...

Rukmal  and Pamala

• Rukmal and Pamala desired to buy a house for their parents back home and found favor with the bank to obtain a loan for 10 years. Last year before going on their annual leave, Pastor Ashish released a Word saying “what was going to take a long time is going to be cut short.” True ...

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2014 Year of Favour & Fulfillment
And he began to say unto them, "This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears." Luke 4:21