Abhishek, Doris & Aunty Ivy (Abhishek's Mother) 

Abhishek & Doris thank God for: Wonderfully bringing them together in marriage. Favor from every direction in fulfilling their financial needs for the wedding. At work, both of them moved to the desired departments in prestigious positions – Abhishek was the only one from his ...

Stanley & Judy D\'silva

Stanley & Judy list the various breakthroughs that they have seen in 2010: God provided new jobs to Stanley twice when he was made redundant. God restored Stanley’s relationship with his uncle after 35 years of silence. He received healings from leg & heel pains and freedom ...

Dinu & Shiji Philip

Dinu received a bonus in spite of having a tough 2009 and repeatedly being told that they will not be given a bonus.] Their rent was reduced by 10,000 Dirhams providing them a financial reprieve. Dinu’s miraculously quick recovery from an accident and this experience bringing him closer to his ...

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