Irene Pramodh

Irene testifies about God's grace over her life. She is homeschooled and says that until last year, she had no clarity about the stream of education she would pursue. Nevertheless, as a family they prayed over this matter asking God for His guidance. Today, she stands in awe at the way God orchestrated ...

Rammia Augustine

One Saturday after choir practice, Rammia went to buy groceries with all of her 3 kids. While moving the groceries into her car, she put her wallet in the cart to take her 2-year old Son out as he was seated in the cart, after which she moved the shopping cart to the pavement and left. On reaching home ...

Issac & Sujay Jayachandran

• Sujay last year was declined an entry visa to go for a University Project as well as a Schengen which put his 2014 cruise plans in a fix. They appealed with the embassy and found that his visa was declined for no reason. The person in charge even said that Sujay would never set foot in that country ...

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