Pst. Pramodh Idicheria

Pst. Pramodh also thanks God for His faithfulness to His promises. The financial year in his company is from July to June. Last year was one of the most challenging years in his career with this company. They started the year with losses in July-14 and thought it was just one bad month but it repeated ...

Dr. James & Dr. Mary Zachariah

• Dr. James received Christ at the age of 14 and became a medical doctor at 21. He joined the Christian Medical College where he met a bold and witnessing young Christian gynecologist – his to be wife – Dr. Mary. They were in India for 18 years till 2014 during which the Lord helped ...

Aashish Rajesh

Aashish is thankful to God the wonderful blessings that he is enjoying. He starts off with thanking Pastors for bringing them the opportunity to be home schooled. Though not always easy, he says he has enjoyed its benefits thoroughly. He also thanks his parents for keeping a strong grip on his life ...

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