Jason & Norma

Jason & Norma testify about God’s goodness in their lives and in the lives of their parents, yet again. In their earlier testimony, Norma’s Dad went through a successful cataract operation. This time, Jason’s Mom underwent a cataract operation in both her eyes and to God’s ...

Sharon Dawson

Sharon praises God for His faithfulness towards His promises: • She and her boss were not confident that the client company they worked for would renew their facilities management contract with their sub contracted company which was due in July. This was because another facilities team was working ...

Sherin Thomas

• Last year their younger daughter Stephana went down with severe food poisoning. She had high fever and was continuously vomiting. Her entire body was swollen and started changing color and they needed to admit her for treatment. They informed Pastors who prayed with them. Miraculously by God’s ...

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