Althia David

Althia David’s mother had a painful swelling on the left side of her neck which persisted for a few weeks causing her discomfort while eating meals. The very next day after Pastor called out neck/throat related issues, Althia’s mother realized that the swelling was gone and there was no ...

Roshan Itty

Pastor, I had difficulty in lifting my left leg due to the accident. I was forbidden by Ortho-specialists to continue any work outs, cycling, swimming because of a compressed vertebra. I struggled to put my pants on and poor Franklin was carrying my keyboard throughout the Colombo trip. Last night ...

Mercy Koshy

Last Thursday before the service I noticed that several lumps which had developed in my body for the past 3 days were getting harder day by day. After an awesome worship service as I reached home I realised that as I was lost in worship, I had received an instant healing .... as these lumps had DISAPPEARED! ...

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