Navin Soja

Navin and Soja testify of the healing they received to give God glory. Dr. Soja had a pain on her right thumb which used to come on and off; on the last day of the healing festival she had the pain but during the service when we were asked to check, she did. The pain had totally gone. The following ...

Sidd Daga

Sidd Daga’s father who regularly joins us online and follows our services on the live-stream had a chest pain for 3-4 days. The pain would be severe while coughing or breathing which didn’t allow him to sleep but decided to postpone a check-up until after our Thursday service. During that ...

Grace Lurekha

Grace Lurekha testifies of instantly being healed of a headache which was called out by Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas during the service....

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