Hajar Ibrahimova

Hajar thanks God for His love and mercies. She thanks our Senior Pastors Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas and Rev. Rekha Thomas, Associate Pastors and the Dubai City Church as she shares her testimony to give Jesus Christ all the glory. She came to Dubai in October 2012 in a very difficult state. She had depression ...

Norma  Maria Gallyot

Norma Maria Gallyot being a teacher, one thursday had to deal with a very noisy class. She ended up shouting at the kids and this left her with a very heavy feeling in the chest. She hoped for comfort from this feeling during the service that evening. That service Pastor called out for people with chest ...

Neeta Bright Fernandez

For almost a year Neeta Bright Fernandez struggled with phlegm which used to cause a choking feeling in her throat and interfered with her being able to breathe freely especially while sleeping at night. When Pastor called out for neck related conditions, she grabbed the Word and went forward for prayer. ...

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