Sudha  Jayachandran

Sudha Jayachandran On the 3rd day of the healing festival last year, throat and respiratory conditions were called out. Sudha was intermittently suffering with painful and very uncomfortable swelling of glands in the right side of her throat for over 6 months. As she stood there, she could feel ...

Samay and Asha Majhi

Samay and Asha Majhi • Samay was allergic to cold and dust because of which he had a sinus problem for 2 years. He tried several medications but they only fixed the problem for a brief period of time. During the last service of last year, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas released a Word saying ...

Pastor Valentino and Sandra Gomes

Pastor Valentino and Sandra Gomes   Pastor Valentino and Sandra give God all the glory and praise as they share this testimony. Their daughter Hannah had a wheezing problem. Whenever she had anything cold she’d start wheezing immediately and have difficulty in breathing. At the healing ...

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