Sharon Dawson

Ms. Sharon Dawson suffered a severe attack by an insane man 20 years ago. The blow was so hard that she spun around 360 degrees and fell to the ground. Nobody witnessed this except her and the Lord. She heard a loud pop at impact and found that her left ear was damaged. Thereafter, her ear would hurt ...

Rammia and Renu  Augustine

Rammia and Renu Augustine One afternoon their mother experienced uneasiness and indigestion. Assuming this to be acute indigestion they thought that resting it out would help. Later than night her discomfort became very severe and she had to be rushed to the hospital. It was found that she was actually ...

Judy Stanley  Dsilva

Judy Stanley DsilvaDue to stress, Judy had a bad shoulder and neck pain for 3 to 4 days. One Thursday, she sought prayers and one of our Associate Pastors prayed for her. She testifies that she was instantly relieved and in 2 more days she was completely healed....

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