Vinith John Jacob

Earlier last year, Vinith developed a pain on his right knee causing great difficulty in walking and driving. It got so bad that on one occasion while driving, he couldn’t move his leg to apply the brakes and ended up jumping a red signal. Even worse, no miracles took place to wipe off the traffic ...

James and Vandana Lall

James testifies of God’s faithfulness, mercies and continuous blessings upon his family. He thanks God for enabling them to invest in a 2 bedroom apartment in India. They experienced finances, favor from authorities and smooth documentation to buy an apartment of their own. Vandana thanks God ...

Bina  Rejo

Bina Rejo 2 years ago due to a fall on the stairs, Bina suffered bruises and severe injury on her lower back. The pain worsened to the point that whenever she got up from her bed or chair, she would have to limp for some time. She couldn\'t even straighten her back. On the 2nd day of the year-end ...

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