Rukmal & Pamela

They glorify God for His goodness and blessings over their lives. • Rukmal had an issue with irregular heartbeat. They had testified earlier this year how the angiogram test came out clean with no blockages. After that a Holter monitor test was done to record the frequency of heartbeats and the ...

Nilan Siranga

• Saranga shares that after college studies, he was never focused about his future and misused his parents’ money rather than investing in further studies. After coming to Dubai, he realized that without proper education, he could not get a proper job nor a decent salary. However, after joining ...

Varghese Skariah & Irene

Irene and Varghese thank the Lord for His goodness which they have been experiencing abundantly. They first came to the Dubai City Church for the Benny Hinn’s Service but since then there has been no looking back. They thank God for every breakthrough that came forth, one after another. • ...

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