A Unique Experience

The teaching and the ministries of The Dubai City Church are driven by a desire to give everyone solid biblical direction for life.

We believe that a person’s holistic well being is addressed by the different dimensions of a person-spirit, body, mind, and emotions. There are simple, safe and effective ways to address life’s challenges through a fresh understanding of the Word and wisdom of God and applied to each dimension. It is the Word of God that brings the clarity and direction that we need when we find ourselves at difficult crossroads.

Without diagnosing or prescribing, a wealth of Holy Spirit anointed life-saving teaching and motivation is provided through Senior Pastors Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas and Rev. Rekha Thomas. We hope you find a place to grow and to serve along this wonderful journey we walk by faith.


We live in a time of great marital discord and family disintegration. The breakup of families and the problems associated with marital discord have not been without a response. While the world looks to talk shows and a thriving pop-psychology industry that caters to the misery and heartaches of unhappy people for solutions, the Dubai City Church offers teaching and guidance on the only truly lasting philosophy of family from the Word of the Living God. We believe that relationships are a core of who God is and who He would have us become and the family is the workshop for discipleship. It is in our lives as families that we learn about serving, sacrifice and loving unconditionally. The wider family of the Dubai City Church offers the support needed for families to experience effective spiritual growth within their own households.

Health and Fitness

The physical dimension involves providing the body also with what it needs to maintain, heal, and balance itself. Balancing the body usually involves changing our lifestyle and adjusting some of our eating habits-being creative in finding new ways to design a diet that tastes good and is good for us-and learning to develop new, healthier tastes. Without a doubt, He will hold us accountable for how we care for this precious gift of life that has been entrusted to us. With God’s help we can learn, by faith, to discover the necessary knowledge to make our own health care decisions.

At the Dubai City Church, through demonstrable experience, we are taught ways to bring the body under the lordship of the spirit and not the other way around. Aided by fitness and health classes led by Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas, the church has opportunity to jointly embark on the road to good health.

Senior Pastor Rev. Rekha Thomas’s teaching on the miracle and joy of pregnancy and childbirth, strengthened by her own personal experience and study have enabled numerous women around the world to challenge the conventional beliefs of guaranteed pain during this special period of change and development in a woman’s body. Testimonies abound week after week from ladies in the church on their unique and special experiences as a result of this teaching.

Spiritual growth

The spiritual dimension of our being needs to be addressed first, because it is impossible to become a whole person without the indwelling of the Spirit of Christ. His function in our lives is to guide us, teach us, help us discern truth from error, and find abiding comfort in Him.

It is this indwelling Spirit of God that makes it possible for us to have faith-which is the significant requirement for wholeness, or completeness in every other area or dimension of our life. This is especially appealing to those who have come to realize that something is missing in their lives. A simple response to the call of God acknowledging one’s need of the leadership of Christ in your life and turning away from one’s own way is all it takes.

At the Dubai City Church, we enjoy the privilege of specially anointed teachings week after week from our pastors, offering us what feels like a direct access to the throne of God familiarizing us with the nature of God and the nature of man.

By studying how He has worked in the affairs of mankind in the past, we also begin to see how He is working today in the world and in our life. The more we infuse ourselves with His Word, the easier it is to sense His promptings and His direction. The complete and utter reliance on specific revelation from God Himself and the faithful impartation of the same by the senior pastors week after week strengthens the church to continually live under the ‘shadow of His wings’ and enjoy the promises of God.

Financial growth

The Dubai City Church seeks to encourage and equip all Christians to become faithful stewards of the material blessings God has entrusted to them, through the application of Biblical financial principles and solid practical training on money management. The church offers career and educational resources designed to help people discover how God has uniquely gifted them for work and life.

Specific teachings on tithing, giving and prospering in the workplace have seen many lives in the church transformed in a spectacular way as they applied the teaching to their lives in simple obedience. To prosper means to succeed in what you put your hand to, to be fruitful. Thus, the definition of prosperity is success, well-being and fruitfulness. The teachings received and taught by Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas and their effect on people’s lives demonstrate a special grace & anointing on the church through the pastors’ faithful ministry and unfailing Word of God.

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