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The word Yoghurt is not mentioned by name in the Bible. Studies have proved that a diet that includes lots of yoghurt has helped maintain health, active life styles and often live very long. Yoghurt is highly regarded all around the world as a super source of bone building calcium. It lowers bad cholesterol levels, prevents dangerous intestinal infections, improves bowel function and blocks ulcers. It may prevent colds & allergic reactions, fight cancer and strengthens the body’s immune system. It has many outstanding healing qualities.

They had sour or curdled milk (or curds) mixed with honey, flavoured with dates, raisins, grapes or other fruits or nuts. – II Sam 17:28, 29.

The word curd mentioned in the verse is now what we call yoghurt.

Large quantities of yogurt helped prevent heart disease and caused the natural deterioration of the body to slow down.

Yoghurt helps maintain a normal balance between the good and bad bacteria that are constantly present in our bodies. Just a little dab of yoghurt may be enough to lower most of the general gastrointestinal disturbance that are caused by a poor diet or infections. It is also a natural antibiotic and is known to head off diseases as dysentery and influenza.

Cancer sores and vaginites also respond positively to treatment with yoghurt. Half a cup of ordinary yoghurt can stop severe diarrohea. It helps prevent heart disease. A diet of 3 cups of yoghurt daily helps lower the LDL blood cholesterol by as much as 10% within a week.

Yoghurt is also a powerful anti-cancer food. Having a cup if yogurt in the afternoon is better than having it at bedtime.

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