Meet the Stars

At The Dubai City Church the ongoing manifestation of 'Promotion' that comes from the Lord is one of the constant reminders of the 'trueness' of God's Word . As the given Biblical instruction and truth are heeded to and applied, a 'Spirit of Excellence' arises and develops. This together with the painstaking and nurturing leadership of the Pastors, results in members of the church family standing out in their respective fields. We as a family celebrate and proudly showcase some of our "stars" from the youngest to the not so young ones.

Narendra Acharya

  • Narendra Acharya was awarded 2 Najm Bronze Awards as well as a Cash Award.
  • One in recognition of his ‘’Exemplary Drive to Perform’’ and for his "Superior Customer Service in consistently delighting his customers"
  • Second in recognition of his dedication, effort and going beyond call of duty to delight the customer which is a prime example of Dnata’s VMV’s (Vision Mision Value)

Suzy Vineet

  • Suzy Vineet received the Extra Mile Award for the month of December 2013 for going the Extra mile at work. Suzy previosuly secured this award for the month of June 2013. Along with this she also received a Gift voucher and an extra bonus in her salary.

Anatharaman Ramanathan

  • Anatharaman Ramanathan received the Certificate of Achievement from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants by representing the Middlesex University and secured the 2nd place in the ACCA Student Challenge 2013. He also received the Certificate of Recognition for his participation at the Chartered institute of Management Accountants Global Business Challenge in Partnership with Barclays.

Joann Gallyot

  • Joann Gallyot was part of an Inter-House Basketball tournament that secured the first place twice for which she received 2 Gold medals. This year she will be representing her School in the Inter School Basketball Tournament. She is the youngest player in the Team. She received the Certificate of Appreciation for "Executing her duty diligently as the Eco Advocate for Grade 5. Joann has shown exemplary performance in academics by receiving the Certificate for Academic excellence in the Summative Assessment for Grade 5.

Isaac Sujay Jayachandran

  • Received awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement (Seven A* for IGCSE exam)
  • Best Outgoing Student of the Year 11 (The Westminister School)

Thilak Raj

  • Thilak Raj, Operations Manager for Jordana Restaurants received the Award for The Best Performing Outlet for Service Excellence for 2009-2010 on behalf of his company. The award was presented by H.H Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Dinu Philip

  • Received Mattel Scholarship for Innovative Instore Visibility 2010

Sean Gunawardene

  • General Manager's Award of Recognition 2006

Cyrus Joseph Riju

  • Cyrus Joseph Riju won 1st place in French Recitation Competition for Grade 1.

Elisa Ann Philip

  • Elisa Ann Philip won 1st place and got a Gold Medal for a running race, 1st place in Second Language Week Competition for enacting an advertisement in French, 1st place for being the Best Speaker in the Parliament Week - My Leader, My Role model competition and 2nd place in a Math Quiz Competition. Elisa also won the Trophy and Certificate for the Best Solo Performance in the KGS Inter Junior School Music Competition from schools all over UAE as well as the Runners-Up Trophy for the Best Choir

Jemima Ann Jerish

  • Jemima Ann Jerish won 2nd place in the Show and Tell competition. This was based on the content, clarity of speech, prop used and confidence. The topic for the competition was "I would grow up to be a good human being ". She also went on to win 1st place in the Novelty Race - Running Race.

Keren Anna George

  • Keren Anna George won the 1st place in the Inter School Recitation Competition, 2nd place in BookMark Making competition as well as the consolation prize in Action Songs in the Inter School Children’s Festival.

Rachel Tilak

  • Rachel Tilak was awarded the scholar badge for academic proficiency in attaining all A's in her 10th first board exam. She was also recognized as an academically gifted student in her school and has been selected to attend the Ascentria Talent Hunt. It is a KHDA recognized and approved training institute which offers scholarship and free training program across all Indian Curriculum Schools in Dubai. She was also part of a team that won 2nd place for the dance and singing competition in a talent show as well as secured 3rd place in the Arabic Creative Writing.

Aadarsh Dawn

  • Aadarsh Dawn was part of a team that won 1st place in a Product Launch, receiving a certificate and an Ever Rolling Trophy for the Under Graduates from the DC School of Management & Technology Inter College Festival in the India National Level which had 60+ colleges participating. They were asked to innovate and launch a new product which could come out in the next 20 years. His team also won the 1st Place in the Inter College Treasure Hunt Competition which had a participation of 20+ colleges. They were asked to find the hidden treasure from a land which was approximately 5 acres in size with just 15 clues.

Chris Jacob

  • Chris Jacob attained the 3rd position in the International Abacus Competition. He did 200 sums of 8 into 12 rows with multiplication, division, addition and subtraction within 8 minutes. There were 2583 students from 55 countries and 5 continents. He also acquired a 100% Accuracy Certificate and medal in the 5th level of abacus. Chris also received a Certificate of Merit for a listening competition in abacus. The participants were given 20 to 100 rows of single, double digit numbers with addition and subtraction to answer where the answer had to be delivered faster than a manual calculator even before the question is completed. He also won the World Rubik’s competition receiving the youngest participant certificate, becoming 24th in the world in 3x3 with a time of 0.45 seconds, 18th in the world in 2x2 with a time of 0.17 seconds, 11th in the world in pyramid with a time of 0.47 seconds and 14th in the world in 4x4 with a time of 5 min. Chris also received a certificate for academic excellence, a certificate of Merit in communication skills from the Trinity College of London as well as a certificate of Participation in senior robotics organized by core Intel.

Jason Gallyot

  • Jason Gallyot received special recognition and a cash award from Shell’s Trading Global Operations Manager for his contribution to the Business.

Nisha Kurien

  • Nisha Kurien received a certificate and cash award for exceptional commitment towards performance of duties. This is the 2nd highest award any expat can get in her organization.

Suman Liza Vinith

  • Suman Liza Vinith received a ‘Thank You’ certificate for her valuable contribution for the month of January 2013 as well as a Valuable Contribution certificate and a cash award for being the ‘Performer of the month’ for June 2013.

Joan Susan Zacharia

  • Joan Susan Zacharia attained Distinction for Piano in Grade Initial from the Trinity College of London and also secured the first place in the Intra School Singing competition.

Philip Eappen

  • Philip Eappen graduated with First Class Honors in BA Honors Business Administration from Middlesex University, Dubai.

Salomi Shyam Rao

  • Salomi Shyam Rao won the Second position and received 2 Silver Medals for an Inter House Basketball tournament. She also received a badge as a House Prefect, this is given to 5 out of every 10 students on the basis of leadership qualities, academics, sports, and extra curriculum activities. Salomi was also awarded the Certificate of Merit for participating in the Annual Prize Day Choir as well as a Certificate of Appreciation for completing a course in Senior Robotics.

Siddharth Daga and Denzil Isaac’s

  • Siddharth Daga and Denzil Isaac’s company organizes an annual Inter-Country Cricket championship and their team was losing since 2007. In 2012 when Siddharth was made the captain, Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Ashish Thomas prayed and they have been winning this tournament ever since. In April 2013, his team won all the games that they played and lifted the trophy for the 2nd consecutive year. In addition to the inter country matches, his team won the Inter-Department competition also. At the same time, Denzil won the Bowler of the Series Award which included a hat-trick in the finals.

Sujay Jayachandran

  • Sujay Jayachandran received a Cash Award, as Joint winners of Petroleum Institute &Technology and Development Committee competition to build a science workshop for the children, which had to be used at the Abu Dhabi Science Festival. He asls won Best humanitarian design; a design for solving food problems in disaster prone regions in USA. The Competition was held in Colorado at the Colorado School of Mines and PI design. Sujay also won the Best contributor award and got an IPad at the GPCA (Gulf Petrochemical and Chemicals Association) as well as a Petroleum Institute Internship, to publish a book on the petrochemical industry.

Ms. Lara Concepcion Dumali

  • Ms. Lara Concepcion Dumali received a certificate of achievement as well as a shopping voucher for Outstanding Performance and Commitment for the 2nd Quarter of 2013. She also received the GEM AWARD certificate and a shopping voucher in service excellence for going the extra mile at work.

Ms. Marina Mohan

  • Ms. Marina Mohan received the NAJUM Award in Emirates for Creating an Engaging and Dynamic Coaching Session for Senior Cabin Crew, a certificate of appreciation for taking personal Initiative and commitment in completing the Kirkpatrick’s Level of Evaluation. She also got the certificate of appreciation for taking personal Initiative in completing the Interactive Training Strategies Workshop.

Mr. Ruwan George

  • Mr. Ruwan George received the certificate of appreciation for 5 years of Dedicated Service to his company.

Ms. Smitha Jimmy

  • Ms. Smitha Jimmy received 2 SRA’s in 2013. These are Service Recognition awards which are sometimes given to staff who have delivered much more than their scope of work. She also received multiple cash awards for displaying safety mindset, intervening and negotiating for situations in office. Smitha was recognised by the Shell Dubai Country Chairman saying that:
  • “During the last Upstream International Business Extended Leadership Team meeting, for the Middle East Region, her name was highlighted for the tremendous efforts that she has exhibited in assisting her Boss and his team in their work.”
  • The Country Chairman thanked her for her hard work and perseverance. He said that she is an asset to the Commercial team here in Dubai and her work has enabled them to focus on delivering great opportunities in the region.

Ms. Virginia Manyara

  • Ms. Virginia Manyara got a certificate of appreciation from the Board of Directors for her support and informative contribution towards the prestigious Dubai Quality Award due to which her company won the Award. She also received a certificate for achieving the highest marks in the Certified HR Management Professional Exams by American Certification Institute out of a batch of 10 HR professionals from 5 different companies.

Anandita Hannah Noronha

  • Anandita Hannah Noronha was awarded the 2nd runner up at Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Program in the category “Table Topics”, 2nd position at the Interschool Science Quiz & Exhibition which was held at the Oxford School, Dubai. She was also awarded the Certificate of merit for Innovative Projects in Scientific creativity of projects and experiments for her project Captive Hydel power Generation. She also received the Class Award for Grade 6 as a “Star Student for “Excellent Overall Performance“ for the academic year 2013, a Class Award for Grade 6 as a “Star Student for Creative Skills” for the same academic year 2013. Anandita was also awarded a Certificate from Special Families Support Group in the summer of 2013 for dedicating her time during vacation for the special needs kids and for being an inspiration to others. She was also selected as the ECO monitor for her active participation in the School Community Outreach Programme as well as to represent her school in the upcoming Inter School Basketball tournament (under 14 division) to be held in Dubai early next year.

Elyanah Summer D'Souza

  • Elyanah Summer D'Souza received a certificate for her participation in the Inter School Choir Competition and was also part of a team that secured the runners up position in the Inter House Football Tournament. She also received a Certificate of merit for Innovative project in Scientific Creativity of Projects and Experiments and another Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Problem Solving Skills in Mathematics. Elyanah also received the Industrious Worker Award, recognition for Always being Diligent, Hardworking and for Never Giving Up consecutively for the past 4 years.

Hannah Varghese

  • Hannah Varghese was awarded Star of the Section in Singing and also got a Distinction in Electronic Keyboard for Grade Initial from the Trinity College of London.

Mark Mohan Das

  • Mark Mohan Das received the Student of the Year Award for 2013 for All Round Achievement. He received A+ in all subjects as well as a Silver Medal for Short Put and a Bronze medal for 500m running race.

Nivedita Serah Noronha

  • Nivedita Serah Noronha received the Gold Medal in 100 meters, 200 meters, long jump, 4 x 100 meters Relay (Interdivisional category) and a Bronze medal in the 4 x 100 meters (Intermediates category) in an athletic meet which was held in Al Thiqa stadium in Sharjah earlier this year. She also received a Certificate of Achievement for being the “Star Student” of Grade 8 for the academic year 2013 in the category of Best Behavior & Tidiness, a Certificate from Royal Academy of Dance for successfully completing Grade 3 Ballet. Nivedita was also selected to represent her school in the upcoming Inter School Basketball tournament (under 14 division) to be held in Dubai early next year.

Jeffery Thomas Gregory

  • Jeffery Thomas Gregory was awarded the STAR OF GITEX by INTEL for driving sales capability with good conduct and dedication. He sold a total of 215 laptops in a period of 7 days. Jeffery was also awarded 2 distinctions and a merit for academic proficiency.

Rachel Anna Marshall

  • Rachel Anna Marshall received the GEMS AWARD. This award is given to one student selected out of 250- 300 children from each year group, who best displays GEMS core values - world citizenship, universal values, leadership qualities and forward thinking.

Rachel Dawson

  • Rachel Dawson received a trophy as well as a scholarship for being the class topper with a staggering 93.2% in the Humanities Stream, Grade 12. She also received an Award for Exemplary performance for consistently scoring above 93% in all 3 semesters of the academic year and received recognition for attaining the highest marks in History, Psychology and Political Science.

Sanaeca Abraham

  • Sanaeca Abraham received the RAJAGIRI AWARD for general proficiency in academics for the Academic Year 2012-2013 securing A1’s in all her subjects in all semesters.

Sandra Marin Rajesh

  • Sandra Marin Rajesh received The RAJAGIRI AWARD for science by securing the highest mark in all her grade (Grade 5). She also received the GENERAL PROFICIENCY AWARD for Grade 5.


  • Debbie was awarded the Junior Science Certificate for excellence in maths and science, the UCMAS (U Can Math Appear Simple) award for ABACUS, the Diyafah Environment Certificate and The Getting Along With Others Award. She was also recognized for her diligence in consistently submitting neat work.

Irene Pramodh

  • Irene Pramodh received distinction in her Grade 5 Piano exams and secured the highest mark amongst all her peers for the same grade. She also received merit for her music theory exams for Grade 5.

Joanne Gallyot

  • Joanne Gallyot was awarded 2nd place in the junior category of an Inter-School Elocution Competition, the competition had 51 contestants from schools all over the United Arab Emirates.


  • Ryan was awarded 2nd place for Running (Athletics) and received a certificate for his excellence in numeracy.


  • Trisha received the Endeavor Award, this award is given to one student from each class that best portrays a consistent standard of excellence in their academic grades.

Grace Thomas

  • Grace Thomas won the Gold Medal for Ice Skating. She also won the Trophy for being the topper scoring 100% in an ABACUS Competition as well as received a Gold Medal for being the topper in ABACUS in the UAE National Level Competition.

Hanna Mary Shaji

  • Hanna Mary Shaji secured 1st place and won a Nikon Coolplix L810 in the 12th annual Environment Inter-school competition held all over UAE. She also received a Blue Blazer Award in recognition of scoring above 90% in the last 3 years. She also portrayed excellency on the track by winning a Gold Medal in the 400 meters running race and a Gold Medal in the 400 meters relay. She was also part of her school football team who became runners up in the CBSE football clusters and so qualified for the National Football Girls Championships held in Delhi.

Jeremy Gideon

  • Jeremy Gideon received the Bloggerz Award as the Blog Administrator; he was also part of a number of teams that won the Silver Medal for Hockey, the Silver Medal for Volleyball, the Bronze Medal for Chess, the Bronze medal for Cricket, the Bronze medal for Basketball and the Silver Medal for Runners up in a Cricket Tournament. Jeremy also received a Certificate for Displaying Gems Core Value: World Citizenship and received a badge as a Student Council Member & Head of Discipline for Grade 10.

Stephanna Sara Thomas

  • Stephanna Sara Thomas won the 2nd position for a Maths quiz competition among children from grade 4 to 8; she received an Ipad and educational kits. She also won the Trophy for being the topper securing 100% in ABACUS Competition as well as received a Silver Medal for being the topper in ABACUS in the UAE National Level Competition. Stephanna also received a certificate for Microsoft Information Technology. She has also shown proficiency on the track by winning a Gold Medal in a running race Competition in the school.

Thomson Abraham Thomas

  • Thomson Abraham Thomas secured the 1st position for a Maths quiz competition among children from grade 4 to 8 for which he received a laptop and educational kits. He also secured the 1st position for a Mid School Arabic Story Writing and Reading competition. Thomson also secured the 1st place and a gift Voucher for a Mid School competition - Science Exhibition. He also received a certificate forMicrosoft Information Technology. He also won a trophy for Best Achiever in ABACUS Competition by attaining 99% as well as received the Champions Trophy in ABACUS in the UAE National Level Competition. He received the Blue Card - A recognition from Cambridge School for good behavior & sincerity. He was recognized and appreciated for achieving ‘Above Expected level in all Subjects’ among all students of Grade 4. It doesn't stop there, Thomson also received a certificate for Excellent Performance in Role play - a drama based on historic events in which he performed.

Anandita Noronha

  • Anandita Noronha secured the 1st Runner up position in the Inter School Basketball tournament 2014, held in Dubai for Girls under 14. She was also part of the Dribblers Basket Ball Academy (Dubai) under 14 which toured Sri Lanka playing 6 Basketball matches in Kandy as well as Colombo where her team went on to win the tournament. During the tour of Sri Lanka, she was awarded “The Best Offensive Player” in Colombo.
  • Apart from sports, Anandita also went on to secure first place in a Maths Challenge competition at her school, a certificate for the successful completion of the Mandarin Course from Niaho Language Training Center, a completion certificate for horse riding (Level - cantering) from Al Ahli Horse Riding Club, a certificate for active participation in UAE’s First “Chinese Bridge” Cultural Exchange Event. She also went to receive a Certificate of appreciation for spending time with Special needs kids and Volunteering at the Manzil Special Needs School in Dubai.

Bejoy George

  • Bejoy George was awarded the certificate of Recognition on showcasing his idea called the V. Bank (Video Banking) with passion and commitment at ENBD Group IT innovation conference. He was also awarded the certificate of Recognition as the People’s choice for his idea, Control cards, at the ENBD Group IT innovation conference.
  • Bejoy was also awarded the certificate of Recognition for the Robert Bosch – First Runner up Award for his idea, Control cards at the ENBD Group IT innovation conference for which he received an Iphone 6. Both the ideas, Video Banking & Control cards, have been selected and are in the development stage. These ideas will be brought into the market in the next few months.

Darianne Thomas

  • Darianne Thomas won a trophy for the most number of goals scored in a football tournament. She also received a gold medal for being part of a team that won the same tournament. Darianne also gained recognition for being the most obedient student during her training sessions. Darianne while performing excellently in sports also completed a course in the Flying Trapeze.

David Gunawardene

  • David Gunawardene won the Second place and was awarded a cash prize for creating a video along with his friend, on road safety, for the KHDA. David also won the Gold Leaf Award for term one, this is given to one student in each term for his or her outstanding contributions towards the school community. He was also chosen as a school prefect for 3rd year consecutively.

J. Karunakaran

  • J. Karunakaran received an Award as he and his team secured the Runners-up position in the overall Innovation Competition. He also received a recognition certificate for Ethical Core Value displayed for the commendable performance in Training and Development of Graduate Engineers.

Joshua Jacob

  • Joshua Jacob received ‘The Promising Player Award’ for 2 basketball tournaments and received 2 trophies. He also received the Scholar Badge for academic excellence in Grade 8, he received an average score of 9.2 out of 10.

Nivedita Noronha

  • Nivedita Noronha won the following at the Annual Sports meet which was held in Al Shaab Stadium, Sharjah:
  • Gold Medal in 100 meters - Running
  • Gold Medal in 200 meters – Running
  • Gold Medal in Long Jump
  • Silver Medal in 400 meters – Running
  • Silver Medal in 400 meters – Relay
  • Silver Medal in 400 meters – Relay - Intermediate Level
  • Trophy for the Individual Sports Champion
  • Gold Medal in 100 meters - Running for the Annual Sports Day
  • Gold Medal in 200 meters - Running for the Annual Sports Day
  • Gold Medal in 400 meters - Relay for the Annual Sports Day
  • Silver Medal in 800 meters - Running
  • She also secured the 1st Runner up position in the Inter School Basketball tournament 2014, held in Dubai for Girls under 14.
  • Nivedita toured Sri Lanka as part of the Dribblers Basket Ball Academy (Dubai) under 14. She played 6 Basketball matches in Kandy as well as Colombo where her team won the tournament. During this tournament, she was awarded “The Most Valuable Player” in Kandy.
  • Apart from excellence in sports, she also went to receive a Certificate of Merit with 7 credits for completion of Ballet Level 3 from The Royal Academy of Dance, London as well as a completion certificate for horse riding (Level - Cantering) from Al Ahli Horse Riding Club.

Rachel Marshall

  • Rachel Marshall received the Academic Excellence Award, the Gold Leaf Award as well as the Best Debater Award securing the 15th place in the global rounds of World Scholars Cup conducted in Singapore, where over 2000 scholars from 40 countries participated. Her Team won the Best Debate Team Award, consisting of 3 students in a team. Rachel was also elected for the MAX STAR quiz challenge. There were 18 teams (2 students in a team) who qualified out of 75 participating schools across UAE, and they reached the second round, that aired live on TV - Star Plus Channel.

Rukmal Pereira

  • Rukmal Pereira received a recognition certificate for outstanding performance for the year 2014 from the CEO, for the second consecutive year. He also received an award as well as a gift voucher as his Branch came 2nd over 110 Branches in sales and service for 2014.

Salomi Rao

  • Salomi Rao secured the First Place in the 4th Mini Modern High Basketball Tournament, this was an Inter School Basketball Tournament, in which they were able to defeat all the other schools that played against them by a very good margin. Her team also won the First Place in the 9th Indian Basketball Society Under -13 years Basketball Tournament. She also received a bronze medal in the Inter-House Basketball Tournament as well as a gold medal in the Inter-House Volleyball Tournament.
  • Salomi also took part in a ‘Hats Off To Waste’ Talent Contest in which her team secured the 2nd position as well as received a Certificate of Appreciation, this certificate is awarded to the top five students in their class who had an active participation in various activities during the academic year.

Srinidhi Karunakaran

  • Srinidhi Karunakaran received the following awards for her exemplary performance in not only academics but sports as well as other co-curricular activities.
  • Certificate of Appreciation for Designing the Best Poster in her 8th Grade class.
  • Distinction in Grade-1 Theory of Music from Trinity College London.
  • Merit Certificate for completing Grade 5 - Instrumental Guitar from Trinity College London.
  • 2nd place for Instrumental Guitar in the Inter house Talent Contest.
  • Certificate of Excellence as Winners for the Maker Day Dubai under the Category “Most Likely to be found at the EXPO-2020”.
  • First Place in the 9th Indian Basketball Society Under -13 years Basketball Tournament.
  • First Place in the 4th Gems Modern Mini Basket Ball Girls Tournament.
  • Runners up at the 3rd Gems Modern Mini Basket Ball Girls Tournament.
  • First Place in the Inter house Basket Ball Tournament in school.
  • "People’s Choice award” for playing drums in a band for an event held in school.
  • Second place in an Inter School Graphic Art Competition.

Trisha Gunawardene

  • Trisha Gunawardene received an award for Environmental Management as she scored the highest for the subject, Environmental Studies. She also won the First prize in a writing competition organized by the Mercato Mall and was awarded gift vouchers.

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