Be Aware

Perfume con

People in Dubai shopping malls and crowded streets (i.e. SZR) might approach you asking you to buy a perfume, when you refuse they will insist that you smell it only. This has a killing gas, 18 already died and 35 are in hospitals. Please pass the message around to everyone you know. They spoke about


Congame, Staff Report - Dubai: Police arrested two suspects who reportedly stole Dh3 million from a man's vehicle after one of the suspects claimed he had been hit by the victim's car   The victim was carrying Dh3 million in a bag after conducting a transaction in a money exchange. As

Money Scams in Dubai

In turn of the century Boston, an Italian Immigrant named Carlo "Charles" Ponzi established the Securities Exchange Company. Ponzi offered investors a choice between a fifty percent return on a 45 day investment and a 100% return on a 90 day investment. Ponzi claimed that this return on investment was

Service Timing

The Dubai City Church

Every Thursday 8.00 pm
English service
with Russian translation

St. Paul's Hall,
Holy Trinity Church,

The Abu Dhabi City

Every Sunday 8pm

Community Hall, St. Andrew's Church,
Abu Dhabi

Eglise Evangelique
de Dubai
(French Church)

Every Saturday 10am

St. James Hall, Holy Trinity Church,

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