Be Aware

Residents urged to drink enough water

Drink enough water this summer ...


With the grueling heat of the summer, the simple question addressed here is how to be as cool as a cucumber in this heat? Whether it be summer or winter, our body needs enough amount of fluid to function properly, and when there is not enough fluid in our body, the body tends to function abnormally.

Stocking a Long-term Emergency Food Supply

As natural calamities spring up around the world, it’s prudent to be well prepared. Here are specific guidelines.

Dangerous to leave car engine running & un-attended in Dubai

Dubai Police have cautioned motorists not to leave their cars unattended with engines running when going to withdraw cash from ATM or buying  items from shops. This warning comes in light of several car thefts during such circumstances.Dubai Police's Criminal Investigation Department has registered

Banking Safe at the ATM

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) have revolutionized day-to-day banking and there is barely a street corner in Thailand that does not sport at least one machine. Unfortunately, ATMs have also become the target for thieves and fraudsters who are using increasingly sophisticated methods to get their hands

Service Timing

The Dubai City Church

Every Thursday 8.00 pm
English service
with Russian translation

St. Paul's Hall,
Holy Trinity Church,

The Abu Dhabi City

Every Sunday 8pm

Community Hall, St. Andrew's Church,
Abu Dhabi

Eglise Evangelique
de Dubai
(French Church)

Every Saturday 10am

St. James Hall, Holy Trinity Church,

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